Okay, måske det er lidt en kliché… MEN vil du være gudinde i dit eget liv? Så bær de rette smykker, understreg din stil – måske endda med GODDESS øreringene;)

Se med LIVE herunder, hvor jeg fortæller lidt mere om hvorfor GODDESS øreringene hitter – og se hvordan en sort kjole ændrer sig på et splitsekund.

Se alle GODDESS øreringene HER – priser fra 1349DKK.


Okay, it might be a cliché… BUT none the less – do you want to be a goddess in your own life? Then wear the right jewelry and enhance your style – maybe even with the GODDESS earrings;)

In todays LIVE video, I’m telling a bit more about the GODDESS earrings, why they are such a hit – and also showing HOW a black dress can change in a second.

See all GODDESS earrings HERE – prices from 184EURO.





Så er jeg i gang igen – den helt store oprydning i min private funklende smykkesamling. Er du interesseret, så send mig en mail – og køber du mere end ét smykke, så giver jeg en god pris;) Send mig en mail: mm@jewlscph.com.


I’m on it again – cleaning up in my private jewelry collection. If you are interested in any – send me an email. If you but more than one piece, I will og course give you a good price;) Send me an email: mm@jewlscph.com



Cool necklace with 0.56 carat singlecut diamonds and 54 cm necklace. The lightening measures approx 3.5 cm. It’s as new.

Price: 2500 DKK (Normal price 6599 DKK – see HERE)


Necklace with a big round pendant embellished with red rubies, sapphires, green emerald and a big resort diamond in the middle. The pendant measures 3 cm in the diameter and the chain is in total 79 cm.

Price: 2500 DKK (Normalprice 7000 DKK)


Elegant necklace with a small drop-shaped pendant with a white topaz drop and cap with 0.22 carat single-cut diamonds. The cap and chain is in black silver – the top loop in 14 kt gold. The drop measures approx 18 mm and the chain is 44 cm. It’s as new.

Price: 1800 DKK (Normalprice 4699 DKK)


Elegant necklace with a white topaz drop surrounded by a fine line of 0.22 carat single-cut diamonds. The diamond line + necklace (44cm) is made in black silver. The loop is 14 kt gold. The drop measures 15 mm. It’s as new.

Price: 1800DKK (Normalprice 4849 DKK – see HERE)


Super cool necklace with a feather embellished with 2.15 carat single-cut diamonds. The feather measures  approx 43 mm and the chain is in total 44 cm. All in black silver. It’s as new.

Price: 2500 DKK (Normalprice 8249DKK – see it HERE)


Amazing necklace with both a “tag” pendant with a diamond heart and a small butterfly with diamonds. The lock is also embellished with diamonds. All three diamond pieces can be used alone or together. The chain is 79 cm. It’s made in a combination of black silver and 14 kt gold. The “tag” measures 38×20 mm, the butterfly approx 20×13 mm. it’s as new.

Price: 4000 DKK (Normalprice 19.999 DKK)


Ring with 0.11 carat single-cut diamonds in silver. It’s size 52. The top is 5 mm.

Price: 800 DKK (Normalprice 2149DKK)


Ring with 0.11 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver. The top is 5 mm. It’s made in black silver. It’s as new. Size 52.

Price: 900 DKK (Normalprice 2149 DKK)


Ring with 0.11 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver. Size 52. Top is 5 mm. It’s as new.

Price: 900 DKK (Normalprice 2149 DKK)


Cool ear studs with 0.19 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver and 14 kt gold. They are as new. They measures 12 mm.

Price: 2000 DKK (Normalprice 6299 DKK – see them HERE.

11. HORSES GOLD black

Ring shaped as a bridle in 14 kt white gold and with small black onyx. It’s size 52 and as new.

Price: 2500 DKK (Normalprice 7399 DKK – see it HERE)

12. HORSES GOLD white

Ring shaped as a bridle in 14 kt white gold and with small white topaz. It’s size 52 and as new.

Price: 2500 DKK (Normalprice 7399 DKK – see it HERE)


So cool ring – perfect for the smallest finger. It’s made in 14 kt gold and the top is in black silver with 0.36 carat singlecut diamonds. It’s size 48.

Price: 4000 DKK (Normalprice 21.199DKK – see it HERE)


Cool ear studs with 3.1 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver and 14 kt gold. They are as new. The big one measures 44×12 mm and the small one 15×7 mm. They are as new.

Price: 5000 DKK (Normalprice 24.999DKK)


Cool ear studs with 3.1 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver and 14 kt gold. They are as new. The big one measures 44×12 mm and the small one 15×7 mm. They are as new. (the design is same as no. 14 – but the big feather turning the other way.)

Price: 5000 DKK (Normalprice 24.999DKK)


Amazing earrings with 1.85 carat single-cut diamonds and red carnelian. They are made in black silver + gold-plated silver. The total length is 37 mm. They are as new.

Price: 5000 DKK (Normalprice 13.599DKK – see them HERE)


Amazing earrings with 1.85 carat single-cut diamonds and turquoise. They are made in black silver + gold-plated silver. The total length is 37 mm. They are as new.

Price: 5000 DKK (Normalprice 13.599DKK – see them HERE)


Outstanding earrings with black onyx, white agate and 2.15 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver + gold-plated silver. The total length is 65 mm. They are as new.

Price: 5000 DKK (Normalprice 19.499 – see them HERE)


Stunning ring with 0.86 carat single-cut + rosecut diamonds in silver. It’s size 52. The top measures approx 20×28 mm.

Price: 3500 DKK (Normalprice 13199 DKK – see it HERE)


Absolutely amazing ring in 14 kt white gold with the total of 2.1 carat diamonds. Color: F / Clarity: VS1. There is two big brilliant-cut diamonds and rest is baguette cut. There is missing one small baguette – this you can have fixed yourself. Size 52. Each square measures 8×8 mm.

Price: 20.000 DKK (Normalprice 145.199 DKK)


Timeless diamond bracelet with 7.5 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver + 14kt gold. It measures inside diameter 57 mm. The width is 8mm.

Price: 20.000 DKK (Normalprice 108.899 DKK – see it HERE)


Stunning bangle with 2.75 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver + 14 kt gold. It measures 57 mm inside diameter. The width is 3 mm. It has lost one diamond, this can be repaired for 500DKK.

Price: 7000 DKK (Normalprice 35.999 DKK – see it HERE)


Heart-shaped necklace with 0.75 carat single-cut diamonds. It’s made in black silver and the loop is in 14kt gold. The chain is 67 cm. It’s as new. The heart measures approx 15×15 mm.

Price: 2500DKK (Normalprice 5849 DKK – see it HERE)


Elegant earrings with 0.10 carat brilliant cut diamonds in 14kt gold. The brilliant measures approx 3 mm. They are as new.

Price: 3500 DKK (Normalprice 12.999DKK – see them HERE)


Elegant bracelet in 18kt gold with a small black diamond. The diamond measures 3 mm and the total length of the bracelet is 17.5 cm.

Price: 4000 DKK (Normalprice 12.199 DKK)


Elegant necklace in 18 kt gold with a small amethyst pendant. The pendant measures 5 mm and the chain measures 45 cm.

Price: 8000 DKK (Normalprice 29.999 DKK)


I love these bracelets – they are so so stunning. On the picture you see all five I’m selling. I’m selling each piece for 1800 DKK – normal price as new are 5999 DKK, and they are just as new:)

From left it’s these ones:

  • emerald in rosa gold-plated silver
  • emerald in gold-plated silver
  • moonstone in silver


Absolutely STUNNING bracelets – I’m selling these three pieces for each 2500 DKK, normal price for new ones are 8499 – 9799 DKK.

From left it’s these combinations

  • Labradorite in silver
  • Citrine in gold-plated silver
  • white topaz in gold-plated silver



Stunning ring with 0.65 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. The dimensions for the top is approx 20 mm x 18 mm. The size is 53.

Price: 1500 kr. (Normalprice 7299 kr.)


Cool earrings with 1.35 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver + 14 karat gold earwires.

Price: 2000 kr. (Normalprice 12999 kr.)


Earrings with 0.65 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. Dimensions 2,5 cm x 1,5 cm.

Price: 1800 kr. (Normalprice 8499 kr.)


Cool “sticks” diamond earrings with 0.9 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. Dimensions 3,5 cm x 1 cm.

Price: 1800 kr. (Normalprice 9999 kr.)

33. TAG

M – pendant with 0.22 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver and 67 cm chain. The pendant is 16 mm wide.

Price: 800 kr. (Normalprice 4999 kr)


Necklace with the infinity symbol with 0.47 carat singlecut diamonds. The chain measures in total 44 cm. See it HERE.

Price: 1400 kr. (Normalprice 5599 kr.)


Beautiful earrings with 0.70 carat singlecut diamonds and freshwater pearls. Measuring 3 cm height and 1 cm width.

Price: 3000 kr. (Normalprice 12.799 kr.)


Diamond ring with 0.35 carat single-cut diamonds in goldplated + black silver. Size 53. See it HERE.

Price: 1000 kr. (Normalprice 3399 kr.)


Diamond ring with 0.35 carat single-cut diamonds and a big drop-shaped green onyx. It’s made in gold-plated and black silver. Size 52. See it HERE.

Price: 1400 kr. (Normalprice 4199 kr.)


Diamond ring with 0.35 carat single-cut diamonds and a big oval-shaped amethyst. It’s made in gold-plated and black silver. Size 51. See it HERE.

Price: 2500 kr. (Normalprice 7799 kr.)


Diamond ring with 0.35 carat single-cut diamonds and a big drop-shaped turquoise. It’s made in gold-plated and black silver. Size 53. See it HERE.

Price: 1400 kr. (Normalprice 4199 kr.)

40. BOW

Ring with a bow on the top – embellished with 0.55 carat singlecut diamonds and made in black silver and 14karat gold. Size 51. See it HERE.

Price: 2500 kr. (Normalprice 12.699 kr.


Diamond ring with 0.50 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. Size 54. See it HERE.

Price: 1600 kr. (Normalprice 5399 kr.)


Diamond ring with 0.11 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. The top measures 5 mm. Size 51.

Price: 800 kr. (Normalprice 2299 kr.)


Cool ring with 0.11 carat singlecut diamonds in black silver. The ringband measures 3 mm and the top is 7mm. The size is 50. It’s as new.

Price: 700 DKK (Normalprice 2149 DKK)


14 carat gold necklace with a “plate” embellished with 0.12 carat brilliant cut diamonds shaped as an M. The chain is 42 cm. See it HERE. It’s as new.

Price: 3000 kr (normalprice 19.498 kr.)


Signet ring in 18 carat white gold with an M engraved on the top and a small brilliant cut diamond (0.03 carat). It’s size 50. It’s worn. See it HERE.

Price: 4000 kr. (normalprice 46.899 kr.)


Necklace with round pendant embellished with 0.45 carat single-cut diamonds in black silver. The pendant measures 13 mm and the chain is 44 cm in total.

Price: 2000 DKK (Normalprice is 4349 DKK – see it HERE)





Action og sci-fi… og du tænker – nope, det er ikke noget for Mai Manniche. Der bliver du så overrasket. For jeg er VILD med action, specielt hvis der er vilde special effects. Ja det er faktisk det det handler, vilde   effects og gerne computer animeret af slagsen;) Og lige præcis det er hvad vi ser i filmen “Transformers – The Last Knight” – som jeg var til gallapremiere på i Cinemaxx i tirsdags. Filmen er den femte film i action-serien om robotter, de såkaldte “transformers”. Og jeg kan love dig for der er tju-bang for alle pengene. De vildeste scener og special effects. I love it!

At filmens hovedrolle spilles af lækre Mark Wahlberg – er da også HELT ok;)

Læs mere om filmen HER.

Med mig til gallapremiere var søde Nikita Klæstrup – vi sad klar med 3D-brillerne på. For en rigtig actionfilm skal da selvfølgelig ses i 3D, præcis som man gør i Cinemaxx.

Mit look var sort og råt med en buksedragt fra Vanessa Bruno Athé – spicet op til den røde løber med diamantsmykkerne: Øreringe FANTASIA (11.499DKK) / Ring STAR UP (5599DKK) / Necklace MOONSTRUCK (22.999DKK)

Hår og makeup sat af Malene Windekilde fra The Powder Room.


Action and sci-fi… And you think – nope it’s not for Mai Manniche. But let me surprise you, I LOVE action – especially if the special effects are more than crazy;) It’s all about the special effects – and that’s exactly what we get in the action movie “Transformers – The Last Knight” which I went for the gallapremiere of in Cinemaxx last tuesday. Transformers – The Last Knight is the fifth movie about the transformers, and it’s as crazy as the others where. Throughout the whole movie we’re being entertained with crazy action scenes and special effects as they can only create them i Hollywood. So cool!

The fact that super hot Mark Wahlberg plays the leading role… Well thank you;)

Read more about the movie HERE.

With me for the gallapremiere was sweet Nikita Klæstrup – and we where SO ready to see the movie wearing 3D-glasses. YES a real action movie needs to be seen in 3D – as we did in Cinemaxx.

My look was black and edgy – wearing a black jumpsuit from Vanessa Bruno Athé, spiced up with diamond jewellery for the red carpet: Earrings FANTASIA (1567 EURO) / Necklace MOONSTRUCK (3135 EURO) / Ring STAR UP (763 EURO)

Hair and makeup by Malene Windekilde / The Powder Room




Skal dette lækre FAITH sæt (værdi 1398DKK) blive dit? Så deltag i konkurrencen herunder, og måske du er den heldige vinder.

Sådan deltager du:

  1. Lav en anmeldelse af JEWLSCPH på Facebook HER
  2. Lav en anmeldelse af JEWLSCPH på Trustpilot HER
  3. Kommenter herunder med dit navn

Det var det – mere skal der ikke til:)

Lav dine anmeldelser inden d. 25 juni kl 24.00 – hvorefter jeg trækker en heldig vinder.

På forhånd tak og held og lykke:)




Jeg er helt med på det. Det kræver, at man går på dates for at finde den rette mand. Men come on – vi (læs: JEG) gider ikke rende på tonsvis af dates for at finde “ham”. Derfor ty’r jeg gerne til alternative former – eller dvs så alternativt er det jo egentlig ikke. Det kaldes FACEBOOK. For ja, hvis jeg har mødt en mand jeg tænker kunne være noget (jeg er meget intuitiv), så har jeg absolut intet problem med at efterlyse ham på Facebook. Hvad er problemet? Tænk over hvad der bliver lagt på af diverse opråb, statements og ikke mindst totalt ligegyldige madbilleder. Så er det vel sjovere med en kærlighedsjagt – ikk’ sandt? Og Jer der mener det er desperat? Rend mig… Så nemt kan det siges;)

Kort sagt, spørgsmålet er nu – er det DIG der er den søde (lækre) mand fra FitnessDK? 😉

Nåååå ja HVIS jeg finder ham (eller en anden interessant) og skal på date? Jamen så vil jeg hoppe i et look a la det her – stærkt, feminint og enkelt, med kant. Sættet er fra Pierre Balmain og smykker er et miks af forgyldt sølv med hvide topas ædelsten og sort sølv med diamanter og hvid topas ædelsten. Lækkert og chikt.

Øreringe FACETTED CIRCLE (999DKK) / Necklace MEDALION GLAM (2199DKK) / Ring TWISTED GEM (1499DKK) / Ring SUPERIOR WHITE (4199DKK) / Ring LEAF (7299DKK)


I’m now it. I takes a date to find out if the man is worth spending time with. But come on – we (read: I) don’t wanna go on a million dates to find “him”. That’s why I don’t have single doubts about using alternative ways to find a man I’ve meet and found interesting. Well, not so alternative – it’s called FACEBOOK. Yes, if I’ve met a man I think could have the potential for a date – and I’m very intuitive – then I don’t have any problems whatsoever to search for him on Facebook, describing him and hopefully finding him with the help from my network. What’s the problem? Think about how many statements – some more important than others…. – being written on Facebook, boring and totally trivial food pictures etc. In my world I think it’s more fun with a love search. Don’t you? And my answer for this thinking it’s desperate? Get a grip..

So in short, are YOU the hot and very nice guy I met earlier this week at Fitness DK? 😉

Oooooh yes, if I find this guy (or another interesting guy) – I would wear a look like this for the date. It’s hot, powerful, strong and edgy. The set is from Pierre Balmain – and the jewellery is a mix of gold-plated silver with white topaz precious stones + black silver with diamonds and white topaz precious stones. So cool – so chik.

Earrings FACETTED CIRCLE (136 EURO) / Necklace MEDALION GLAM (300 EURO) / Ring TWISTED GEM (204 EURO) / Ring LEAF (995 EURO) / Ring SUPERIOR WHITE (572 EURO)





Vi går ALL IN på fransk i vores butik i Århus i dag – for der er nemlig latinerfest og det betyder fransk fransk fransk overalt. Og hvad er så perfekte smykker til det franske look? Jamen, det kan du lytte med i dagens LIVE video herunder og høre mere om…

Se alle vores PEARLY smykker HER


We’re going ALL IN in the french theme today here in our store in Aarhus – since there’s “Latin Festival” celebrating France. SO what’s the perfect jewelry for a french theme? See todays LIVE video above.

AND see all our PEARLY collection HERE.









I dag havde jeg fint besøg af smukke Gunnvør og hendes nyfødte søn. Gunnvør kender du fra TV-programmet “Forsidefruer” – og som mor til nu tre skønne børn, hun har med Oliver Bjerrehus. Jeg har kendt Gunnvør i mange år, og har ofte sagt til hende, at nu er det altså på tide at bruge nogle smykker, der understreger hendes smukke blå øjne og flotte ansigt. I dag kiggede Gunnvør så forbi til smykkestyling – hun kom med et par meget små “øredutter” på – og gik herfra med posen fyldt med smykker, der virkelig klæder hende. Se dagens LIVE video, hvor jeg styler Gunnvør og forklarer hvorfor jeg vælger de smykker jeg gør. Så Gunnvør er klar til endnu en omgang med “Forsidefruerne” – OG ikke mindst en travl hverdag som mor til tre.

I videoen viser jeg ovenstående smykker: Øreringe GRACIOUS (2899DKK) / Ørestikkers LOTUS STUDS (1099DKK) / Øreringe FAIRYTALE (3399DKK) / Øreringe NORMA TURQUOISE (13599DKK) / Øreringe ELEGANT DROPS (1899DKK) + Halskæde HALO MEDALION (1849DKK)


Konklusionen på smykker til Gunnvør? Gerne noget med blå ædelsten – og hvis andre farver så er rød flot som kontrast til de blå øjne. OG så enten i forgyldt eller rosa forgyldt for at give hende glød. Eller sort sølv for et råt look. For guds skyld ikke noget i sølv – det bliver for “hvidt” til hende.

Vil du også have vejledning til valget af de rette smykker til DIG? Så læs mere HER – og kig forbi en af butikkerne, vi er altid klar til at hjælpe:)


Today lovely Gunnvør – one of the stars in the Danish version of “Real Housewives” popped by getting my advices for jewellerystyling and which jewellery that would suit her. We made a LIVE video – and in short what she should go for is something with blue stones to make her eyes even more blue end “popping”, or something with red stones as contrast. Due to her colors she’s perfect with either rose gold or gold-plated silver. And black silver for a more edgy look. Never silver – it’s to white for her.

Above you’ll see the jewelry I suggested for her – get a closeup in the video.

You want advices for which jewelry that will suit YOU? Read more HERE – and pop by one of our stores, we’re always ready to help you:)





Livet som bokser – et hårdt liv, på så mange måder. Alle havde da stort set også dømt den legendariske bokser Jørgen “Gamle” Hansen ude i slutningen af 70’erne. Hans krop var slidt, han var bange for at gå i ringen – og banken truede med at sælge huset. Kort sagt, det gik ikke så godt. Det er lige præcis i denne periode vi møder Jørgen i den danske film “Den Bedste Mand” – som jeg i går var til gallapremiere på i Imperial, med min gode veninde Tina Lund.

Historien er inspireret af virkelige begivenheder og i hovedrollen som Jørgen er Mikkel Boe Følsgaard – ham fik Tina og jeg da selvfølgelig lige sneget os til et billede med. Flot mand – og imponerende som en rigtig københavner kan spille SÅ nordjysk som Jørgen – og desuden på kun et år få trænet kroppen op til en “bokser”-krop.

DEN BEDSTE MAND skildrer hvordan livet som bokser er, men også hvad det betyder, at have de rette mennesker omkring sig. For Jørgen er hans hustru Hanne og mødet med en ung afrikansk bokser, afgørende for, at han får vendt sin karrieren og kommer på rette spor igen. Mere siger jeg ikke – du må selv se filmen….

Udover Mikke Boe Følsgaard er også Lene Maria Christensen og Søren Malling (ham er jeg VILD med) på rollelisten. De gør det alle rigtig godt og spiller meget autentisk.

DEN BEDSTE MAND er helt klart værd at se – ikke kun for dem der er vild med boksning, men for at huske os alle på, at vi skal forfølge vores drømme og omgive os med de rette mennesker….

Læs mere om filmen HER.


Lifa as a boxer. Not easy and in many cases quite a short career. The Danish movie “THE BEST MAN” is inspired byt the story of the Danish boxing legend Jørgen “Gamle” Hansen – who turned what many thought was the end of his career – to the highlight of his career….

Yesterday I went for the gallapremiere in Imperial with my friend Tina Lund. And of course we also had a picture with the star of the night – the hot actor Mikkel Boe Følsgaard playing the leading role as Jørgen.

The movie shows the story about life as a boxer – but it also shows how important it is to have the right people around you. The right people will make you succeed and believe in your succes! Therefore the movie is for everyone to see – not only boxingfans…

Read more about the movie HERE.


Suit – Pierre Balmain / Top – Wolford


Earrings RADIANCE (749DKK) / Earrings DROPLET (549DKK) / Necklace DROPLET (749DKK) Necklace ELLIPSE (499 DKK) / Bracelet SPOTLIGHT (699 DKK) / Bracelet WHITE SOLAR (575DKK) / Ring RADIANCE (899DKK)


Malene Windekilde / The Powder Room






Det ER sommer, det siger jeg bare;) Det betyder også, at vi går ind i en tid med mange festivaler og i det hele taget mange fester og skønne lange aftener. Kort sagt, en dejlig tid – ikk sandt? 🙂 Men hvad er så de perfekte smykker til sommer (og festivallooket)? Lyt med i dagens LIVE video hvor jeg kommer med gode bud på det. jeg kan godt afsløre det er noget med forgyldt, farver OG måske rosa forgyldt….

Mit look? Skøn kjole fra MMissoni – den vil passe godt til både festival, en dag på kontoret – eller en skøn sommerfest. It’s all about the jewellery… Jeg har til looket i dag valgt et par enkle SOLITAIRE øreringe (999 DKK), SIGNATURE TAG halskæde (1349 DKK), TWO FOLDED ring (1599 DKK), PRECIOUS CIRCLE ring (1899 DKK), BUBBLE ring (599 DKK) og så en masse af vores lækre PRECIOUS armbånd (599 DKK – kan fås i vores butikker) med røgtopas, hvid agat og gul agat).


It’s sommer, just say’n… That means we are also entering a lovely period with festivals, parties and all in all so many wonderful long nights. In short – a lovely time, right? But what’s the perfect jewelry for the summer (and festivallook)? Watch todays LIVE video, in which I’m giving some good examples on jewelry for your summerlook. And I can say – it’s all about gold, colors and maybe a bit rose-gold….

My look? A beautiful MMissoni dress – which would go perfectly for both a festival, a day at the (hot) office or a wonderful summerparty. It’s all about the jewelry. For todays look I’m wearing a pair of simple SOLITAIRE earrings (136 EURO), SIGNATURE TAG necklace (184 EURO), TWO FOLDED ring (218 EURO), PRECIOUS CIRCLE ring (259 EURO), BUBBLE ring (82 EURO) and then a handful of our stunning PRECIOUS bracelets with white agate, yellow agate and smoky topaz (82 EURO – only available in our stores).









Ja det er vildt nok, men jeg skal på date i aften;) Med hvem? Det siger jeg ikke, meeeeen jeg siger gerne hvad jeg skal have på – sjovt nok… SMYKKER. Men hvilke smykker, DET er spørgsmålet. Da jeg vågnede i morges vidste jeg ikke, at jeg skulle på date, så da invitationen kom, skulle jeg tænke hurtigt. Hvilken kjole – what to wear? Heldigvis har jeg altid (ja vildt nok…) en lækker sort kjole liggende, selv her i Århus. Så se nu bare denne lækre Pierre Balmain kjole matchet med nogle cool Wolford strømpebukser – perfekt til en datenight. Da jeg har lyst til et mere råt look – så er smykkerne i sølv og sort sølv. Og da der sker så meget foran på kjolen, lidt fræk er den jo;) – så har jeg ikke en halskæde på, men derimod store øreringe GEM CLUSTER (3699DKK) og to fede armbånd – MARVELOUS (8499DKK) og FABULOUS (5999DKK). Looket understreges med den rå CROSS diamantring (4199DKK) på pegefingeren.

Ville jeg derimod have haft et mere feminint look, jamen så havde jeg valgt smykker i forgyldt sølv – med fx hvid topas ædelsten, eller en smuk farve. Og det samme kan du – en sort kjole kan i den grad ændre look alt efter hvilke smykker. Og det er jo fantastisk. Se med herunder i dagens LIVE video når jeg fortæller lidt mere om hvilke øreringe der er perfekte til den sorte kjole, til daten – eller en aften på dansegulvet.

Nååå ja og så husker jeg også lige at sætte EKSTRA fokus på læberne med en lækker lipstick fra Jane Iredale.

God aften derude – og lad os se hvad der kommer ud af min;)


Yes, it’s crazy – but I’m going on a date tonight;) With who? Well, that I will not say – but my look I’m sharing with you. And guess what I’m wearing…. JEWELLERY. But which jewellery – that’s the question. When I woke up this moorning, I didn’t know I was going on a date, so I had to think fast when the invitation came. Which dress – what to wear? Luckily I have always a nice black dress with me – even here in Aarhus. This cool Pierre Balmain dress is perfect for tonights date – matched with cool Wolford tights. I’m into a more edgy look tonight – therefore the jewellery is in silver and black silver. And since there is so many things going on at the front of the dress, I’m not wearing any necklace – but big earrings GEM CLUSTER (504 EURO) and two cool bracelets MARVELOUS (1158 EURO) and FABULOUS (818 EURO). The look is en underlined with the cool CROSS diamond ring (572 EURO).

On the other hand if I would have wanted a more feminine look for the night, then I would have chosen a pair of earrings in gold-plated – for example with white topaz precious stones, or maybe a colorful stone. With a change in the jewellery the look would be totally different, and this is exactly what is so good with a black dress, you can really change it. In todays LIVE video I was telling a bit more about how to dress for a datenight – or a night on the dance floor. See the video hereunder.

Ooooh and then I’m of course also remembering to add some attention on my lips – with a perfect lipstick – LipCrayon – from Jane Iredale.

Have a lovely night – let’s see what mine is bringing;)



Kærlighed… en svær størrelse. Og så alligevel ikke. For kærlighed er egentligt meget enkelt – kærlighed er det der gør livet værd at leve. Kærligheden fra og til familie, venner, arbejde og livet… Kærligheden med en mand, den er dog ikke helt nem – i hvert fald ikke for mig. Hvorfor? Fordi jeg ikke vil lade mig nøjes. Jeg er klar over, at jeg stiller store krav, jeg ved hvad jeg vil have – og hvad jeg ikke vil have. Tror jeg da i hvert fald. Som offentlig person, bliver jeg gang på gang på gang på gang (…..) spurgt af diverse journalister om “nyt i kærlighedslivet”… Jeg må hver gang svare “at, nej – der er intet nyt”. Og hver gang tænker jeg, at de må tro jeg er en af jordens kedeligste kvinder… Men altså, det er jo selvfølgelig ikke helt sandt, at der ikke er noget nyt. For selvfølgelig sker der noget på kærlighedsfronten og guder skal vide jeg får rigtig mange invitationer til dates og det der er værre… Men guderne ved så også, at jeg takker nej tak til stort set alle. Enkelte takker jeg ja til og enkelte andre møder jeg på min vej og bliver interesseret i. Som ortopæd-kirugen I måske husker;) For nylig troede jeg så, at jeg måske havde fundet en der potentielt kunne være mere. Vi flirtede og jeg er som jeg er, jeg er på. Som i meget på – jeg ORKER ikke noget spil. Gør i? Flirten endte og det med den venlige besked fra flirten: “mænd er jagere og kvinden hans bytte”….. OMG jeg var i chok og er det fortsat. Jeg er IKKE nogens bytte. Fy føj da – sikke en approach til et kærlighedsforhold. I min verden er et kærlighedsforhold et ligeværdigt forhold mellem to mennesker – vi er ens for hinanden. Ergo, jeg er ikke et bytte. Ligesom modparten heller ikke er et bytte. Jeg skrev dette på facebook og de fleste bakkede mig op. Nogle få skrev dig, at det er manden og kvindens urinstinkt med et jægere/bytte forhold, og vi bare kan se hvad de gør i dyreverden. ØØØH JA, der spiser edderkoppehunnen også manden – skal vi så også det? Næppe, og jeg tror ikke flirten vil smage mig;)

Anyways det jeg vil sige med dette blogindlæg er, at kærligheden er fantastisk – mænd er fantastiske og der er rigtig mange dejlige af slagsen derude. Det er jeg ikke et sekund i tvivl om. Jeg lover også jeg selv er åben for at finde den rette af slagsen til mig. Jeg kan dog garantere for, at den mand jeg finder – han ved jeg vil have ham – ligesom jeg vil vide det modsatte. Det er min drivkraft at være bevidst – præcis den samme tankegang der gør at jeg er hvor jeg er i min forretning. Jeg er utålmodig, nysgerrig og målrettet – ift livet, kærligheden og arbejdet. Og tak for det – tak Mai;)


Love… Love is all that matters. Love is actually quite simple – love is what makes life worth living. Love from and for your family, friends, work and your life. Love with a man… Well that’s not so easy – at least not in my case. Why? Because I don’t want to “just” have a man in my life. I’m aware that I expect a lot from a man – but sorry to say, I expect a lot from my life. I don’t want to “just settle”. I know what I want, and what I don’t want. Well, at least I think I do;) As a public person I’m often (as in VERY often) being asked by journalists about “any news in my love life”… Each time my reply is the same “nothing new at the moment” – and everytime I think, that they must think I’m the most boring woman in this world, when it comes to love. Surprise surprise, it’s not the full truth I’m telling. Of course there is news from my love life. I’m of course dating, seeing men and the journalists should know just HOW many daily offers I get for a cup of coffee or things that are worse. But most of them I reject. But some I do of course accept – but so far none has been any further succes. Apart from the date invitations I do also meet men through my network, and recently I met a guy who I thought had potential. We started flirting and as in any other aspect of life, when I’m into something. I’m into it. The flirt ended with the “nice” words from the guy saying “that I should remember, guys are hunters and the women is their prey”…. WHAT?! Let me make it clear – I’m NO ONES prey, that’s for sure. I my understanding of love, the man and the woman are equal for each other – as in any other aspect of life. I wrote this at Facebook, and of course I had mainly backing – but a few wrote though that it’s the “nature” of the man and woman, that the man is the hunter – the women is their prey and that we should take a look at the animal world. Okay, so should we eat our man – exactly as the spider women does? Well, I don’t think my flirt would taste me THAAT good;)

Anyways, what I want to say with this blogpost is, that love is amazing. Men are amazing and there is so many amazing men our there. I’m not in doubt of this – and I’m also sure there is the right one for me. Also, the man who’s there for me – he will know it right away, just as I expect to know it from him. I do not want to play any game, and for god sake, I don’t want to be his prey. I want to be his woman – and he should be my man, we’re equal with each other. It’s in my genes, it’s my drive to be aware of what I want. This is exactly what drives me in any other aspects of my life – being the reason why I manage to do what I do. I’m impatient, curious and focused. And I don’t accept any bullshit – sorry to say. This is my drive in my life, love and everything. And thank you – THANK YOU, Mai for this;)



Måske du har læst om det. Da jeg for knap to uger siden havde en rigtig grim oplevelse i parkerings-kælderen under vores lejlighed i Århus.  Kort fortalt havde jeg parkeret min bil kortvarigt foran opgangen, da jeg skulle bære nogle tunge blomsterkasser op. Det er selvfølgelig ikke en almindelig parkeringsplads, men ligesom andre har gjort det før mig, tænkte jeg det gik for en halv times tid. Da jeg kommer ned til bilen igen, er to mænd ved at prøve at få en bil ud, som jeg desværre spærrede for. Jeg beklager og undskylder straks, for ja, det er dumt. Manden hvis bil det er, godtager undskyldningen – men den anden mand, der reelt ikke havde noget med sagen at gøre, fortsætter med at råbe af mig og svine mig til med diverse skældsord jeg ikke engang vil gentage. Jeg beder ham stoppe, og understreger igen at det var dumt og jeg undskylder. Han bliver ved og er nu endnu mere aggressiv. Jeg går hen til ham og han bliver ved. Han går helt tæt på mig og er meget truende. Han kommer helt op til mig, så tæt på mig at han kunne bide mig i næsen. Jeg bliver selvfølgelig bange nu og i afværge puster jeg til ham. Uden at tøve slår han med alt sin kraft på min højre side og mit hoved flyver til siden. Jeg aner ikke hvorfra jeg har overskuddet, men jeg samler mit hurtigt og beder om hans navn, for jeg vil anmelde ham til politiet. Han nægter at give sit navn, og jeg forsøger at tage et billede af ham. Han prøver så at slå min telefon ud af hånden på mig og itu. Jeg ser han har en taske med et navneskilt, det forsøger jeg at få fat på. Da jeg får fat på det smider han tasken, hiver fat i mig og kyler mig rundt. Han forsøger at brække min arm og først da jeg slipper navneskiltet slipper han min arm. Godt forslået kommer jeg til mig selv, alt imens manden tager sin taske og går væk. Jeg får taget et billede af ham på vej væk, utroligt det lykkedes for mig. Alt imens dette sker, står manden hvis bil jeg spærrer for og kigger passivt på. Han rører ikke en finger og da jeg efterfølgende beder om hans navn som vidne, nægter han først. Eftersom jeg har nummerpladen på hans bil og parkeringspladsen er privatejet af ham, går det dog op for ham han ikke kan undgå at give sit navn.

Da jeg kommer ud fra p-huset med min bil, ringer jeg selvfølgelig til min mor, sender hende billedet og hun genkender straks overfaldsmanden. Det er vores nabo! Jeg har anmeldt episoden til politiet og været på skadestuen. Mit håndled er fortsat helt hævet og ligner en elefanthånd. Dog ikke brækket.

Hvad jeg vil med dette indlæg? Jeg vil fortælle om episoden, men også fortælle, at jeg ikke kan hade den mand der overfaldt mig – ej heller den mand der passivt kiggede på. Had er nemlig en gift vi selv drikker, og forventer den anden dør. Det er en gift jeg ikke vil bruge mit liv på, og derfor vil jeg lægge hadet bag mig og lade karma håndtere resten. Det kan være svært at lægge den slags sager bag sig, og guderne skal vide jeg har det svært med det. Men jeg skal og vil ikke bruge mit liv på at hade – og begge mænd havde vel en grund til at reagere som de gjorde. Uagtet det på ingen måde er i orden.

Hvor jeg finder styrken til at lægge hadet bag mig? Med et stærkt kærlighedsværn OG POWERsymbolet om halsen.


Maybe you’ve read about it. When I approx two weeks ago had a very bad experience in the parking basement under our appartement in Aarhus. In short I had for a short time parked my car close to the entrance, since I needed to lift up some very heave flower boxes. Of course this is not a usual parking spot, but it’s not the first time someone is parking here for a short period, and I therefore thought it would be OK. When I came down two men was trying to have a car out which I was blocking for. I immediately apologize and tell them sorry so many times. The man which car I was blocking for accept the apology, but the other man – which actually had nothing to do with it – continues to yell at me and tell me very bad things, I don’t even want to write here.I ask him to stop and I continue to apologize. The man becomes more and more aggressive and I go up to him to ask him to stop. He goes right up very close to me – as close so he could actually bite my nose. I become scared since he’s very aggressive. I therefore blow to him, and without further notice he hit me as hard as he can on my right side. My head flies to the side, and I don’t even know from where I have the strength, but I clear my mind and tell him I need his need. That I want to report him to the police. He denies to give me his name, and I therefore try to take a picture of him. But he tries to smash my phone. I see that there’s a nametag on his bag, and I tries to get it. I manage to get it and the man grab my arm and throw me around trying to brake my arm. Not before I let go of the nametag he’s letting me go and leaves. I don’t now how I manage but some way I do- and get a picture of him on the run. When all this happens the man who’s car I was blocking for stands totally passive doing nothing! I ask him for his name, but he denies. But when he realize I have is cars license plate and the parking spot is private owned by him, he’s giving me his name.

When I come out of the parking basement, I’m calling my mother right away and she’s immediately recognizing him – it’s our neighbour. I right away went for the police station to report him – and for the hospital to have my head and arm checked. My wrist was luckily not broken, but it’s still swollen as an elephant leg….

Why I’m writing this blog? Since I want to tell about the episode, but also to tell you that I can not hate the man who attacked me. Neither the man who passively watched. Hate is the poison we drink ourself, and expect the other to die. And it’s a poison I don’t wan to use my life on – and therefore I will put it behind me and let karma do the rest. It can be tough to put these kind of episode behind you, and for sure it’s har do for me. But I don’t want to use my life on hating – life is to precious for this. And I assume both men had a reason to react as they did – though it’s not ok.

Where I find the strength for putting the hate behind me? With a strong love protection around me AND the POWERsymbol around my neck.