This being

This being Portland, there’s an abundance of retro inspired accommodations to choose from. The recently opened Hotel Eastlund is a stylish $15 million overhaul of a 1962 vintage Red Lion Inn near the convention centre and sports an airy rooftop patio with sweeping views of the city and a decent craft beer list. Nearby motor […]


Now that it is getting cold outside, I realize how crappy our heater is. On a typical day in the 50’s ‘it cannot maintain heat above 69 degrees! Another example of a cheap and crappy appliance. I hate how my windows rattle because my neighbor feels the need to sit in his car and play […]

He says most

He says most hotels and airlines put their availability in a centralized travel system 331 days, or about 11 months in advance, with average prices based on demand the year before or based on events during that time. Then, starting about six months out, destinations with less booking might see their prices drop. On the […]

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